5 Special Foods for Women's Health

1. Orange

The content material of flavonoids on this fruit can help lessen the possibility of some forms of strokes in girls and can also assist the heart. Orange also works, however grapefruit has less sugar.
Oranges may not be an amazing combination with drugs, so ask your medical doctor earlier than putting them on the menu.

2. Berries and cherries

This fruit has flavonoids and antioxidants, that can guard wholesome cells from damage. Berry facilitates the brain live sharp as it receives older.
Plus, you need these two vitamin C to build collagen, a protein that continues your pores and skin firm and easy.

3. Papaya

The orange crimson color comes from beta carotene and lycopene. Lycopene lowers your chances of cervical and breast most cancers. it is also an antioxidant, that may preserve ldl cholesterol and blood strain at a healthy degree of health to assist push back coronary heart sickness.

4. Avocado

Avocados include top fat. In fact, research indicates a weight loss plan wealthy in avocados can assist do away with stomach fat and shield the eyes, as well as skin
Avocado can even assist decrease ranges of "bad" ldl cholesterol and growth "suitable" ldl cholesterol.

5. Spinach

The content of folate and lutein in spinach can save you you from dementia, heart disorder, and colon cancer. Spinach additionally acts as an antioxidant that protects the lens and retina of the eye and can even ward off some wrinkles.
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